2021 Tour of Gardens

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Eleanor & John Freund
8885 Bellevue Heights, Dubuque Iowa


The owner’s mother taught her how to set a lovely table
and prepare a colorful meal. Her gardens have become
an extension of those lessons through the use of
annuals, perennials, natural limestone, and man-made
stone. The deer love it all! And she does too, thus the
challenge of taming the gluttonous appetites of deer
friends goes on and on with the hope of not sacrificing
color, texture, and presentation.

WORKSHOP Composting for the Home Gardener
9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m.

DIRECTIONS – Take Hwy. 52 South off of Hwy. 61/151.
Turn left onto Bellevue Heights. Garden is on left.

Sue Coates
723 Thornwood Drive, Dubuque Iowa


You are welcomed to a peaceful cottage garden filled
with many colorful perennials and garden art. Meander
on grass walkways and down stone steps through roses
to the backyard and listen to a waterfall with goldfish.
You are able to sit in an old door and window she-shed
or on a sheltered patio surrounded by hostas and
many shade plants. Enjoy many pots filled with annuals
and vegetable raised garden.

DIRECTIONS – Take Fremont Avenue off of Hwy 20.
Turn left onto Carriage Hill Drive and left onto
Thornwood Drive. Garden is on right.

Susan & George Hellert
17314 Wildcat Hollow, Dubuque, Iowa


Gardens include a large vegetable garden, two hosta
gardens, several perennial gardens, and annuals
scattered everywhere. The farm also includes several
apple trees and a Seckel pear tree. The original farm
house next door features several perennial beds,
a grape arbor, and raspberries.

WORKSHOP How to Raise Chickens
11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

DIRECTIONS – Take Hales Mill Road past Wagner
Nursery for 2.5 miles. Turn left onto Cedar Ridge Road
for two miles, turn right onto Wildcat Hollow
(narrow gravel road). Garden is on right.

Nancy Neumeister
1305 Hiawatha, East Dubuque, Illinois


Relax and explore the garden on the Bluffs of the Mississippi
River, overlooking the city of Dubuque. Along the winding
limestone paths and patios of this garden you will find a
large variety of hostas (over 95 labeled), day lilies, peonies,
and other perennials all accented with grasses, shrubs,
mature trees, and containers of annuals. The garden includes
a 32′ cedar bridge, children’s play area and playhouse,
wind sculptures by Lyman Whitaker, metal sculptures by
Gail Chavenelle, limestone walls and walkways, and an
enclosed gazebo.

DIRECTIONS – Turn right off of East Dubuque bridge onto
Illinois 35. Turn left onto Sinsinawa Avenue and turn right
onto Montgomery Avenue. Turn left onto Elm and turn right
onto Livingston Street. Turn right onto Hiawatha Drive.
Garden is on left.

Thomas & Cinda Welu
2609 Broadway Street, Dubuque, Iowa

This peaceful garden attracts birds, butterflies, bees,
blossoms, and breathing spaces. Four distinctively different,
yet complimentary garden sheds balance this old-fashioned
garden. Early summer clematis reaches for the trellis,
Siberian Iris stand at attention by the old wood box, and
still producing 100 year old red raspberry bushes peek from
the top of the stone steps. The three tier fountain, bird
feeders, birdbaths, stone walls, old fences, and gates invite
nature in and are reaching out to nurture us all.

DIRECTIONS – Turn left off Central Avenue onto Diagonal
Street. Turn right onto Broadway Street. Garden is on left.

DIRECTIONS – Follow North Grandview Avenue to
roundabout near Finley Hospital. Take Grace Street off
the roundabout. Garden is on left.

Travis Brant
1892 Grace Street, Dubuque, Iowa


Graceful gardens are tucked away behind the University of
Dubuque campus with raised bed gardens and a chicken
oasis. Natural elements such as driftwood and birch logs
complement the landscape and the gardens are protected
by a pair of whimsical gnomes.

WORKSHOP Creative Landscaping with Mosaic Pieces
Presented by Jenni Peterson-Brant
10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

DIRECTIONS – Follow North Grandview Avenue to
roundabout near Finley Hospital. Take Grace Street off
the roundabout. Garden is on left.