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PDF version of 2017 Tour of Gardens

11103 Lakeview Dr.  Mountain Retreat (Dan & Lorie Duclos)

From the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the Duclos family traveled with their young children to hike, bike, and spring ski.  They wanted to recreate their landscape to match their love of outdoors in the mountains.  Come experience the rock formations and conifer garden.

Directions: From Hwy 20, turn left on Barrington Drive. After crossing the bridge, turn right on Lakeview Drive. The garden is 0.4 miles on the right.

2155 University Ave Westminster Community Garden  (West Minister Presbyterian Church (Rich Henderson) )

Our purpose is to provide nutritious vegetables for those that do not have the means to purchase them. Area food pantries tell us their needs, and then we plan our gardens. We largely use the Square Foot Method of gardening as well as growing vertically. We use raised beds and grow lights to start our plants. Come and learn how to construct a raised bed, to build a grow light stand, and to start seeds using the grow light and a heating mat. We will talk about composting, mulching and building trellises so you can grow vertically.

Workshop – Vertical & Raised Bed Gardening at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.

Directions: Drive .4 miles to Barrington Drive, turn left to return to Hwy 20.  Turn right and travel 4.5 miles to Devon Drive (Kwik Star on left corner) turning left.   Keep right onto Mineral Street to University Avenue turning right.  Turn left on Loras Boulevard and the church is on your immediate left.

2059 Clarke DrA Little Slice of Heaven (Ron & Peg Swartz)

This garden is a place where you can take in the beauty of nature with a clematis covered arbor ,where our son’s wedding was celebrated. An open view of hydrangeas, hostas, roses, and many perennials can be viewed from a gazebo. A fountain that attracts hummingbirds and butterflies adds to the calm of the garden. Peg learned the passion for gardening from her best friend.

Directions: Leaving church parking lot, turn right onto Loras Boulevard and immediately turn right onto University Avenue.  At 3-way stop, turn right on Asbury Road and right on to St. Ambrose Street at stop light.  Go past St. Anthony’s Church, Turning right onto Clarke Drive.  This garden is immediately on your left.

959 Clarke Dr. Transformation Garden Year 2 (Rhonda Hudgins & Tom Martin)

We are continuing to discover new plants and things about our yard. Last year, we added a deck and pergola to the front and began our shade garden.  This year is a continuation of the hardscaping and the establishment of a peonies garden, a herb bed, and vegetable garden. Come and enjoy the changes.

Workshop – Composting for the Home Gardener at 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m.

Directions:  Travel to 4-way stop and go straight through past Senior High School.  Turn left onto Clarke Drive and travel 0.5 miles and this garden is on your left.  There is a large deck on the front of a gray house.  (Handicapped drop off accessible.)

2310 Hempstead St. House of Seven Tableaux (Ron Barkow & Ron Weitz Jr.)

A picture is worth a thousand words, so how many for a garden of pictures? Come see Route 66, House on the Rock, Uno and several more tableau gardens. A garden of intrigue!

Workshop – Tableaux Gardening at 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.   

Directions: Continue on Clarke Drive, turning left on Woodworth Street.  Then turn right on Lowell Street and left at Hempstead Street.  This garden is on your right and is the first home.

1840 Kane  Truly Unique Specimen Yard (Tim Pregler)

Welcome to a yard of unique plants rarely seen elsewhere. We have a collection of small conifers and ornamental grasses.  Look for zone-hardy cacti and succulents.

Directions: Continue on Hempstead Street to Kaufmann Avenue turning left.  Then turn right on Kane Street.  Travel 1.2 miles and this garden is on the left across the street from the Wahlert High School’s parking lot.

2017 Tour of Gardens Map

2017 Tour of Gardens Map